If I had a penny for every time someone casually called Spider-Man 2 a bad movie, I could afford to pay someone to beat them with one or more of its awards



see, that’s it. that’s the difference between RTD and Moffat era. because while 10 was all about exploring and the Doctor learning new things and being all happy about it and showing the wonders of the universe to companions, 11 and 12 are only bored and they expect to know everything about the universe. because there was a danger in all of these 3 situations and while 10 was happy he’d learn something new, 11 and 12 were irritated they didn’t know everything about the universe. and that is the thing that really pisses me off right now.

i disagree. 
there’s danger in all three situations, yes. the difference is how much the doctor feels in control, how important it is for him to know everything at the given moment. it has nothing to do with how fascinated the doctor is with the universe or not. eleven was facing an alien invasion on earth and he had no idea how to deal with it, if it was dangerous or not; twelve was amnesic and in the middle of a deadly bank heist that someone forced on him. they’re not bored, they’re worried. honestly, if you think eleven and twelve are bored with the universe - after seeing eleven’s giddy, childish excitement at things, jumping around like a 5 year old; after seeing twelve’s fierce passion, searching for the “listen” creature, showing courtney the stars - i really can’t tell if we’re watching the same show anymore.


so the 30-year-old song “Africa” by Toto is now number one on itunes because some radio station convinced the whole population of new zealand to buy it simultaneously 


when the test question says “describe what’s happening in the picture” but the picture be like



walk into any starbucks and say “i can’t believe they’re doing a secret screening of the unreleased Wes Anderson movie down the street” then collect all the macbooks that everyone who just ran out left behind. keep your favorite one and sell any you don’t need


Still the best Spider-Man villain one-liner


why is it always ok for doctors to be late for your appointments

I dunno cause they’re freaking busy?